June 2021

Amongst a quiet woodland garden, bursting early June with ferns, sweet woodruff, spring iris, peony, Solomon’s seal, lobelia and many others. Stands tall giant allium, offering purple magic globes to ponder.

A bright spot among the soft greens, and textures. Birds perched among the Birch trees, sometimes you can hear an owl, in the middle of the day. An old deer skull sits on a beautiful stone in the fire pit area. A sad find for one long ago, is now honored on a throne among a quiet spot, still loved. A magic space, nestled on a hill with wild fields, old stone walls, birds of many different feathers.

Trying to dare keep up with tending the small areas we call gardens is quite a feat. Mother Nature laughs at us, the vines twirling and twining, threatening the gardeners sanity. What a week, beautiful space, we will continue to try next time.


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