Serene Garden Design, has always been influenced by lessons learned caring for people’s gardens, over the years. People consistently have stories and love to tell them, memories of what was growing around them in their childhood. The color of a rose, smell of a lilac, a vegetable you grew, favorites of a family member, herbs you enjoy using in the kitchen. The memories of growing, experimenting and learning about nature stay with us through our lifetime. These connections should be incorporated into the layers of your current gardens.

Gardens are very personal, shaped by our memories and current influences and needs. While, we all share the vision of beautiful lush landscapes that give us color, texture and continuous beauty all season long. Gardens should be created with layers that go beyond beauty. A balance of beauty, purpose and environment are a few layers that create the beginning of your timeless garden.

Serene Gardens wants to help create not only beautiful colorful spaces but gardens that have been inspired from your past memories your current loves together these will create a garden that will have a long-lasting future. Simply using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices we help our back yard eco systems, team that up with thoughtful, purposeful plantings we create health, harmony and healing in our environment.

Happy gardens need great soil, water, your personality and Lots of Love!

Thank You!

Danielle Tatosky

Contact: 978 380-4082

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