Spring 2021

Every new season feels so different for me in the garden. Coming out of winter and looking forward to the new gardening season is always an interesting process in finding the energetic flow, vibe, rhythm. Reflecting on last years flow with so many world and community, personal changes, these influence the gardens and relationships with clients in their gardens.

Last season with covid and quarantine, people really wanted to be in the home garden, as many were home for the majority of the year. This was beautiful, being a part of people reconnecting to their sacred space (gardens). Watching and helping people learn the cycles, plant material, watching the eco systems in their back yards, experiencing the seasons gifts fully, for families these moments make my job of assisting much richer and purposeful.

The garden seems to have different meaning to their owners some want a full on hands approach, and we collaborate together on many ideas, experiment on techniques and we learn and grow together. Often times I notice how someone may come outside to garden with me that may have a lot going on inside, after awhile relax after placing their hands in the earth, working the soil, touching the plants, smelling the fragrance of earth, feeling the sun and the many other moments only nature can show us. It is such a wonderful experience to witness and be apart of.

Others enjoy less time in the garden, but allow me their creative trust, again a collaboration of ideas, cultivated over conversations sometimes within the first visit, that lead into years of time listening to needs, feeling the natural eco system of the area and letting the space speak for itself. Experimenting with integrity, building up the natural eco system with natives, plant material and soils that invite, regenerate and balance.

These are underlying themes every season, every year, but they come in a little different year to year, at least to me. Some seasons Spring come in cold, rainy, snowy. Some seasons it seems it’s Winter one day , Summer the next, the pace or flow changes year to year.

This 2021 Spring season is as perfect as they all are, no matter how it presents itself. The buds on some of the trees are starting to flower, the daffodils are open and full in the warm place, the shaded areas they are still growing, this is exciting. The temperature has been warm at times then slows down to cooler temperatures allowing us to really see the difference every day in nature around us. I love a slow Spring, it has been dry, so I am adding more compost and soil to my gardens for nourishment and moisture. The pace of Spring this season feels good, still working on finding the flow and rhythm of the new year, but she will unfurl as she always does, in her own way. And I am forever grateful to be fully engaged in her cycles. 🌱🌷

Spring Returns

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